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Ямальские Стерхи ПАО "Агрегат" г. Сим Сибирь 0. Pastor Schlag Club 0. Зуев Вячеслав Дементьев Евгений Соснин Михаил Хохряков Николай Черноусов Алексей Черноусов Илья Уткин Александр Рочева Ольга Черноусова Марина Царева Ольга Жамбалова Алиса Трапезникова Алена Матвеева Наталья Мирошниченко Мария Трофимова Александра Медведева Анна Всероссийская Серия Лыжных Марафонов образована в с целью популяризации занятий лыжным спортом через перейти на 1 хбет существующих региональных массовых соревнований.

Первая в России федеральная спортивная лига, которая охватывает 26 лыжных событий России от Мурманска до Камчатки и 9 самых популярных среди россиян зарубежных марафонов.

Спорт и Путешествия — эти два увлечения стали образом жизни и спортивной целью десятков тысяч российских лыжников. Суперкубок Юниоров. Николов Перевоз. Огоньки ВСЖД. Казанский Марафон. Праздник Севера. Югра Ски. Ближайшие старты. Выбрать Марафон. Заказать Паспорт. Медаль Мастера. Кубок Команд. Кубок Mастеров. Рейтинг Russialoppet. Марафоны Russialoppet. Итоги сезона ! Дорогие участники марафонов Russialoppet! Мы приглашаем победителей Кубковых Серий и Мастеров на ежегодное Горького впервые в истории пройдёт суперспринтерская лыжная гонка Red Bull Супе Дорогие участники!

Впервые в этом сезоне будет разыгран Кубок среди юниоров и юниорок на полумарафонских дистанциях 9 этапов Russialoppet. Для того, чтобы принять Автобус для участников будет у метро "Тимирязевская" в 7: Суперкубок Мужчины 1.

Шакирзянов Рауль 2. Петухов Алексей 3. Барышников Алексей 4. Клюквин Дмитрий 5. Главатских Константин Женщины 1. Поволяева Анна 2. Новоселова Мария 3. Сероносова Полина 4. Назарова Ольга 5. Конохова Ксения Суперкубок юниоров Мужчины 1. Митрошин Егор 2. Кармишин Алексей 3. Балуев Владислав 4. Михайлов Егор 5. Евстифейкин Олег Женщины 1. Then you will recieve drinking water and foil blanket for full marathon finishers only.

Please, move on towards the end of the finish area where you can find massage service and post race meal for full marathon finishers only. Physiotherapists will be waiting for full marathon finishers to loosen up your stiff muscles. They are there to help you, but mind there are other runners who would like to enjoy this services too. Full marathon finishers can receive a free hot meal in the tent at the finish area. Buckwheat porridge and tea will be served to runners.

Engraving on the medal with your name and result can be done at the finish area or in the Hard Rock Cafe on Arbat Street during the Post Race Marathon party. The cost is rubles. Results will be measured with ChronoTrack timing system.

The timing chip is on your race number. Please put your race number on the chest. Do not bend, crumple or fold it, do not keep the race number next to any magnets — it may damage the chip and lead to the loss of your personal result.

Your net running time will be recorded when you cross the start and finish lines. You must cross the time points en route. You will be disqualified if your intermediate times are not recorded.

During the race, preliminary results will be available on www. Time will be measured at start, 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, Your friends will be able to see what marks you have already run and with what time you finished. To find this information, you will need to enter your start number. After the finish you will receive a text message and email with your draft result.

The final official results list will be available online at www.

If your result is inaccurate or the result is missing, write a request to protest runc. Specify in the email your first and last name and race number.

For Participants

Claims are accepted only from participants or from their official representatives before Participants of the full marathon will be grouped in the бк марафон лайв male and female age groups: Men and women who place 1st, 2nd or 3rd within their age groups will receive awards.

If you won in the age category, you will be contacted after October 3 to clarify the delivery address of the prize. The 10 km route runs in one lap on Novodevichya, Savvinskaya and Rostovskaya embankments, Smolenskaya street, Smolensky and Zubovsky boulevards, as well as Frunzenskaya and Luzhnetskaya embankments and Luzhniki street.

Then you will recieve drinking water. Preliminary results will be available on www. Kids Run will be held on 21 September from Team result will be measured with Chronotrack timing system, judges at the finish and the video registration system.

Team net running time will be recorded when runners cross the start line, leg change area and finish line. Within a few hours after the last runner finish you will receive a text message and email with your draft result.

The results list will be available online at this website. Your result will be measured with Chronotrack timing system, judges at the finish and the video registration system.

Do not bend, crumple or fold it, do not keep the race number next to any magnets — it may damage the chip resulting in the loss of your personal result. Men and women who place 1st, 2nd, 3rd will receive awards. Pan Tours Company, official travel partner of the Absolute Moscow Marathon, will help you to organize your trip to Moscow - book accommodation, order a transfer, plan an excursion program, and provide visa support.

It offers accommodation in hotels of different price categories including those near the startspecial fares, early breakfast on the race day, and access to sports infrastructure of hotels. To enter the territory of the Russian Federation, citizens of most states are required to get a visa. If you are planning a trip to Moscow for the race, please specify whether citizens of your country need a visa.

You can get an invitation visa support letter or tourist voucher online via MyVisaToRussia. Special prices for participants valid for September are available if they use promo code MOSMAR on the website of the hotel azimuthotels.

Консультация по услугам

The offer is valid if rooms are available. To receive visa support, write a message to this e-mail address: Personal belongings may be searched and some roads access may be restricted. Thanks for understanding. The route of the Absolute Moscow Marathon runs through the center of the city. Use the metro, so you can see your runner several times.

Many of most crowded support points are located near metro stations: The most beautiful viewing points are located on Tverskaya street, near Bolshoi Theatre, along Zaryadye park and Kremlin. Volunteer registration for the Absolute Moscow Marathon will open in May. If you have questions about volunteering, email us at volunteer runc.

Now, when registering for our races you can make a donation for this foundation and help children. The Life Line Charity Foundation provides support to ill children, who suffer from life threatening diseases. This charity funds medical equipment acquisition, high tech surgeries and medical research. Over the past 15 years the Foundation has provided targeted support to more than 10, children.

For a long time it was considered that amputation is the only effective method of treatment of bone cancer. However, at the moment specialized treatment using insertion of high tech prosthesis allows children to keep their limbs and return to normal life. A single endoprosthesis costs Rub 2. Together we can accumulate necessary funds to save children with bone tumors. Each donation is valuable! Make a donation on the Life Line Charity Foundation website. Eng Рус Eng. Общая информация.

Absolute Moscow Marathon offers a unique opportunity to run Join us to run an incredible road race and discover breathtaking views of Moscow on the run. Register Results. How to register for Register your child for the race Additional registration will be open on 20 September Registration fee If registered before 12 September — rubles. How to register Online registration for Absolute Moscow Marathon wheelchair and handcycle race will close 22 August. Registration fee Registration букмекерские исходы the race is free.

How to pick up participant packet To pick-up participant packet you must present: Medical certificate Medical certificate must proof that the participant has no contra-indication to running in competition. How to pick up participant packet The captain should pick up participant packets bib numbers for the whole team.

The captain are required to show: Medical certificate Medical certificate must proof that the participant has no contra-indication to race in competition. Зарегистрируйся на ближайший марафон!. Марафоны России и мира - бег, вело, лыжные гонки запись закреплена 20 мар в 9: Если вы хотите добавить свое событие на наш ресурс, то необходимо состоять в сообществе и воспользоваться функцией "Предложить новость", где нужно указать: По желанию можно добавить ссылку на сайт, группу или евент данного мероприятия, контакты организаторов.

События, предлагаемые без необходимой информации публиковаться не. Правила тут: Если вы хотите публиковать свое событие чаще, то вы можете воспользоваться услугами рекламы на нашем ресурсе https: Your Destinybitch. Подскажите что. Записи сообщества Поиск Отмена. Марафоны России и мира - бег, вело, лыжные гонки запись закреплена вчера в Показать полностью… Регистрация завершается 20 июня.

В день старта регистрация не предусмотрена! Подробности и регистрация на сайте: НП "Спортивно-туристический клуб "ВелоСамара".

Марафоны России и мира - бег, вело, лыжные гонки

Совсем скоро будет дан старт самому романтичному забегу Петербурга. В самую короткую ночь лета с 22 на 23 июня стартует уже 4-й ночной забег вдоль кромки Финского залива. Старт в Вас ждут: Показать полностью… Ошеломительные пейзажи и бег под луной Насыщенная шоу программа Электронный хронометраж Вода и питание на трассе Бесплатный массаж участникам Медаль каждому финишеру Призы и подарки от партнеров Фановый пижамный забег на 2 км.

И многое многое другое Регистрируйся, и на финише ты встретишь рассвет, или он тебя До 05 июня цена участия в трейле — руб. Ночной трейл Белая ночь whitenight.